SIDEMEN Pro Edition
SIDEMEN Pro Edition
SIDEMEN Pro Edition
SIDEMEN Pro Edition
SIDEMEN Pro Edition
SIDEMEN Pro Edition
SIDEMEN Pro Edition
SIDEMEN Pro Edition
SIDEMEN Pro Edition
SIDEMEN Pro Edition

SIDEMEN Pro Edition      

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SIDEMEN Pro Edition


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GT Omega have partnered up with the popular YouTube group The Sidemen to provide fans with a unique and incredible Sidemen branded chair.

Using incredible Pro as the base we have created the perfect balance of a premium product and brand.

  • Official Sidemen branding and unique design
  • State of the Art Ergonomic Design
  • Signature Reinforced PVC Leather
  • Sturdy Framework
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State of the Art Ergonomic Design

Fusing flawless designs with style and functionality for amazing visuals and all day comfort, our chairs are the very best in the industry. Each chair is created from the very best materials, along with immaculate craftsmanship and flawless manufacturing processes. With exceptional adjustability and firm support where you need it, each chair offers an ergonomic fit that enhances comfort and reduces stress on the body. Perfect for home office and entertainment.

Signature Reinforced PVC Leather

When it comes to leather chairs, PVC is the practical choice over PU leather. Our signature Reinforced PVC leather is more durable, comfortable and built to last longer than PU leather chairs along with added resistance to sunlight exposure. Tested to be wear resistant, simple to clean, waterproof yet soft and flexible which when combined with our high density cold cure foam delivers incredible comfort and support for extended use. 

Four Directional Armrests

Our 4D armrests offer unmatched adjustability to ensure that whatever your shape, however you prefer to sit, you will get the important arm support you deserve. With a large degree of movement in every direction, there is sure to be a configuration that suits you. Coated with polyurethane that is soft to touch yet retains an incredibly polished finish.

Full Tilt Locking Mechanism

The tilt control mechanism gives you control over the suspension of the chair. The mechanism can be locked when sitting upright or unlocked to allow for gentle rocking giving you the optimum comfort every time you sit down.

Class 4 Hydraulic Pistons

The Class 4 hydraulic pistons are the best in its class in terms of safety, stability and consistency. 

Five Star Aluminium Base

Designed and constructed with a strong foundation, our five star aluminium star bases provide both impeccable stability and strength. They are created with a special aluminium mix making them incredibly resistant to corrosion and rust of any sort along with the reinforced ribs and gussets to increase strength while reducing weight.

Head Pillow & Lumbar Support Cushions

Our chairs come packaged with our head pillows and lumbar support cushions. Offering improved neck and lumbar support, they are specially designed to provide contoured padding that shapes perfectly to support the arch of your back while sitting in the chair. They are both soft yet supportive and can be placed exactly where they are needed for maximum comfort making the chair even more comfortable than they already are. Both cushions are covered with our signature Reinforced PVC leather.